Moon Over Bourbon Street (Sting)

There's a [F#m7-5]moon over [B7]Bourbon Street [Em]tonight I see [F#m7-5]faces as they [B7]pass beneath the [Em]pale lamp light I've no [C]choice but to [B7]follow that [Em]call the [C#dim]bright lights, the [F#7]people, and the [C]moon and [B7]all [F#m7-5]I pray every [B7]day to be [Em]strong for I [F#m7-5]know what I [B7]do must be [Em]wrong {start_of_chorus} Oh you'll [C]never see my [B/F#]shade or hear the [Em]sound of my feet while there's a [C]moon over [B7]Bourbon [Em]Street {end_of_chorus} It was [F#m7-5]many years [B7]ago that I became [Em]what I am I was [F#m7-5]trapped in this [B7]life like an [Em]innocent lamb now I [C]never show my [B7]face at [Em]noon and [C#dim]you'll only see me [F#7]walking by the [C]light of the [B7]moon the [F#m7-5]brim of my [B7]hat hides the [Em]eye of a beast I've the [F#m7-5]face of a [B7]sinner but the [Em]hands of a priest {c: chorus}

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